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creation march 2007
update 01.05.2007



this website is dedicated to three efforts



     to explain the universe

     its origin, present form and destiny

                     the way of science    


     to ease pain and suffering                                  

the way of medicine    


     to the longing for liberation                                

the way of chan    




     There are many ways


     to explain the universe,

     to confront suffering

     and to seek liberation                                     

the above three are attempts    



The above Chinese calligraphy means CHAN and is by Shifu Sheng-yen.



The content of this website derives from three sources:


1) Documents like inscriptions, papyri, books or scientific publications;

2) Oral teachings I received in science, medicine and buddhism;

3) Observations, experiments and thoughts of my own.


This website is protected by copyright.

Because the context is always also important in evaluating a content,

and the source is a most important context,

the omission of a source can cause serious error.

Thus, the copyright is ment to protect others from error.

If you quote this website as source

you are free to use any or all of its content under two conditions:

The quotation has to be exact and may not be sold.


Critique is wellcome and will be answered.


Short-CV of Shifu Sheng-yen


Born in 1930, on a farm near Shanghai, Shifu Sheng-yen became a monk at the age of 13 years. During the communist takeover he became a soldier and was moved to Taiwan. Ten years later he returned to monastic life. After a solo retreat in the mountains of six years he left for Japan to further his Buddhist studies. He received a doctorate in Buddhist literature from the Rissho Univerity in Tokyo. Since then he teaches mainly in the United States and in Taiwan. He received transmissions in the Linji and Caodong lineages, and is a second-generation-disciple of the Chan pariarch of our time, Xu-yun (1840-1959).



Short-CV of Max Kälin / Chuan-zong Jing-chan


1972 (Ph.D.) (ETH Zürich)

1985  Medical Board Exams: Switzerland and USA

1986 (MD) (University of Zürich)

1986-1987  Primary Care: Switzerland

1987-1988  Emergency: USA

1988-1999  Medical Office: Dietikon

1999-20xx  Medical Office: Zürich

2000  Chan Transmission (Shifu Sheng-yen)





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