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Links from four categories have been selected

Firstly, links that pertain to chan and zen, and in particular to Shifu Sheng-yen.

Secondly, links that contain suttas and sutras, the original teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni. After Shakyamunis death his teachings were passed down orally for about half a milennium, then they were recorded in writing, in Sri Lanka in the first century BC, as the Pali Canon. This Canon is considered to possess the closest likeness to the original teachings. The sutras, the core of the Mahayana teachings, cannot be traced to Buddha directly and stem from later times. They are with one exception in Sanskrit. The exception is the Platform Sutra which is in Chinese.

Thirdly, links that pertain to consciousness, and in particular to self. Philosophy and psychology have delt with the self in East and West for thousands of years. The physiological and neurological aspects of the self, however, are new and the domain of the West.

Fourthly, links that pertain to mathematics and science,  and in particualr to cosmology.


1.  Chan and Zen

2.  Suttas and Sutras

3.  Consciousness and Self

4.  Mathematics and Science


1.  Chan and Zen
New York website of Shifu Sheng-yen. English.
See Publications and especially Chan Newsletter for much of that part
of his recorded teaching, that has been translated from Chinese into English.
Taiwan website of Shifu Sheng-yen. Chinese, English and Spanish.
Website of John Crook,
first Western Dharma heir of Shifu Sheng-yen. English.
Website of Zarko Andricevic,
Western Dharma heir of Shifu Sheng-yen. English and Croatian.
A Buddhist website, founded by Wei Tan,
a student of Shifu Sheng-yen. English. Contains a helpful glossary.
2.  Suttas and Sutras
Website by John Bullitt: The Pali Canon. English.
Excellent source for the ignorant of Pali; sometimes several translations are offered.
Website of the Pali Text Society,
founded in 1881 by Thomas William Rhys Davids to study the Pali texts.
English. Nearly the entire Pali Canon is also available in book form.
German translation of the Pali Canon; mainly from
Karl Eugen Neumann (1865-1915), Wiennese indologist.
3.  Consciousness and Self
Website by Stanley Sobottka. English.
Outstanding for its clarity about where physics and consciousness meet.

4.  Mathematics and Science









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