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Essence of the Teaching of Buddha Shakyamuni


He taught a world view and a way to realise it. He left a metaphysics with the instruction to examine and verify its content. Beliefs, if present, are to be reflected. His legacy consists of three categories of statements, a sceptical attitude and a way to deal with questions. From the view of an awakened, a buddha, his statements are experienced knowledge, from the view of a non-awakened they are hypotheses in need of examination. Blind beliefs are foreign to his teaching.


1.  Interdependent Arising                       paticcasamuppada


The interdependent arising, based on karma, is his explanation for the suffering of beings. It is the very core of Buddha Shakyamunis awakening, and from the view of the non-awakened a hypothesis about the function of the universe.


2.  Three Signs of Beeing                                    tilak-khana


They express three Ideas:


(i)   Impermanence (Anicca);

(ii)  Noself (Anatta);

(iii) Suffering (Dukkha).


The first, a further hypothesis about the function of the universe, is in harmony with all fundamental laws known to science. All describe change. Noself is a hypothesis about the impossibility of a separate self, or about the impossibilibity to identify such a self, be it a small self like a soul or a large self like God. Separate means here separate in relation to everything else that is. Suffering is the hypothesis of the existence of a property: Sentient beings have suffering as one of the properties the way stones have mass. All sentient beeings are subject to impermanence, noself and suffering. Human beeings are special in so far as they are able to reflect on these statements.


3.  Four Noble Truth                                             ariya-satta


They express four Ideas:

(i)   alle sentient beeings have suffering (Dukkha);

(ii)  this suffering has a reason;

(iii) this reason can be overcome;

(iv) the method to achieve this is the Eightfold Path.


4.  Attitude of the Sceptic                                   kalama sutta


5.  A Way with Questions                                     panha sutta


1.  The Essence of the Teaching of Buddha Shakyamuni

    1.1.  Interdependent Arising (paticcasamuppada)

    1.2.  Three Signs of Being (tilak-khana)

    1.3.  Four Noble Truth (ariya-satta)

    1.4.  Attitude of the Sceptic (kalama sutta)

    1.5.  A Way with Questions (panha sutta)

2.  The Buddhaproject

    2.1.  The Buddhaproject of Siddhartha

    2.2.  The Buddhaproject of Anybody

    2.3.  The Buddhaproject of Mankind


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